Outsourcing will grow your business

Today it is impossible to imagine a business operation that is not driven by IT and the internet. This creates a huge burden to your IT department that must provide maintenance for your hardware, software, data, internet, security -to name just a few- in order for your company to run smoothly. Adding the fact that technology requires constant upskilling and training, makes the whole project extremely hard to maintain with in-house dedicated resources.

Considering outsourcing specific parts of your daily support is a path preferred by most business, especially as it is proven by experience that it helps save on costs and resources, improve your productivity and guarantee a steady environment for your employees.

In BlueStream we know how to make outsourcing grow your business. Our goal is to secure that all your IT-related business functions are up and running seamlessly while you keep your focus on what you do best, your core business.

Hardware – 3rd Party Maintenance

Where the lifecycle of your equipment is key

BlueStream has the expertise to address the maintenance or lifecycle services in any part of your IT environment. With a plan that offers fixed monthly costs and dedicated Field Service Engineers, we can minimize costly downtime and system outages, while we provide consistent services and solutions nationwide. 

As a leading provider of multi-vendor technology support services, we have delivered hardware support to more than 150 enterprise customers for over 10 years and we do that with outstanding speed and reliability.

The extensive experience we have gained in the field, is topped by our on-site engineers who are certified by all major software and hardware vendors so they can support you at any stage of your IT infrastructure’s lifecycle.  

With our state-of-the-art automated service processes, we provide comprehensive hardware maintenance support and with always updated original spare parts depots, we can effectively decrease the resolution times and increase the uptime of your critical and non-critical IT infrastructure. 

Cloud Support Services

All the cloud skills you need and may not have

In BlueStream we believe that support and operational services form a major part of an IT environment. We specialize in delivering support services in multi-cloud environments exercising specialized assessments of our customers' infrastructure.

Our aim is a transparent support process that enables you to focus on your apps and meet your business needs. With a solid base of standard and long-established datacenter support services, we have extended our portfolio to include multi-cloud support services:

  • IAAS/PAAS/SAAS support models
  • 24/7 incident and problem management
  • guaranteed SLA driven response and fix scenarios
  • vendor ticket handling - change management
  • cloud SOC/NOC operations
  • detailed governance scenarios
  • cost management

Software Maintenance

This is about 70% of your IT time and cost allocation

Software maintenance is the process of delivering comprehensive coverage for software license acquisition, product upgrades, patches and technical support. Bluestream expertise can help you  acquire specific product upgrades and new releases, cumulative fixes, specific fixes, fix packages and new code defect support via vendor labs and support lines. 

Additionaly, software maintenance through Bluestream, enables access to specific inhouse or vendor databases in the form of a knowledge base that includes every software issue ever logged providing solutions and specific workarounds, including detailed fixes. On top of that, we offer 24x7 first level support and if needed second level support through vendor labs and development teams. 

Overall, Bluestream covers the whole process of software maintenance including proactive management, performance management and reactive management. You can depend on us to lighten your daIly workload and enable you to concentrate on your business needs and targets.  

Data Maintenance

Caring for one of your most valuable assets

Your Company's data is one of your most valuable assets and they growth exponentially. Our BlueStream experts can assess your data landscape, to analyze, clean and repair your data, monitor their quality and performance and on top, update it (as and when needed) following strict secure procedures: 

• regular SLA based consistency checks

• preemptive health checks (incl. password policies version and patches)

• backup policies

• script and log maintenance

• maintenance and update tasks

BlueStream, as an ISO 27001 certified organization (Security Standards Certification) follows strict rules and applies all protocols that guarantee data security and confidentiality. As an ISO 9001 certified organization (Quality Management Certification) we specialize in delivering data maintenance services of the highest quality, with automated or manual procedures that ensure data quality of the highest level. 


Optimizing your operations

Monitoring IT infrastructure has never been more critical to the success of an organization. Infrastructure monitoring involves diagnosing performance and availability issues across the complete technology stack, so action can be taken before problems become critical. IT infrastructure monitoring tools can automatically collect and review information related to infrastructure components, allowing IT teams to more effectively resolve the root causes of performance issues. 

Our experts always monitor your system to ensure optimal performance. The tools we use provide in-depth monitoring of your IT infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud, thus we can find the problems earlier, avoid network outages, improve reliability, get real time notifications, recognize security threats, reduce operational costs and saves the business time and money. That results companies can have peace of mind that their IT infrastructure is fully covered from technical issues 24x7x365. 

Incident and Problem Management

Foreseeing and minimizing the impact

IT organizations need to consistently provide:

  • uninterrupted IT and business services 
  • offer services at levels that meet customer needs at acceptable costs
  • quickly restore service when IT issues or failures occur, especially when those issues adversely affect business operations. 

Incident management helps with all three, but largely supports the latter. Incident management helps you maintain the availability of business services and employee productivity. Most IT departments are already doing some form of incident management—though they might call it IT support, help desk, ticketing, service desk, or something else. 

As a leading provider of support services, BlueStream Solutions is using IT Service Management solutions that have the ability to cover all of the customer service management needs including Incident Management for any environment you use and every size your business may have. 


Help us, help you

Today, IT Help Desk Services are widely outsourced across all industries, including both public and private sector. There are numerous benefits a company can receive from outsourcing its helpdesk like:

• Profound Cost Savings

• Faster Ticket Resolution Times

• Lower Staffing and infrastructure costs

• Enhanced employees experience

• Defined SLAs for response and mitigation

• Support from Highly Trained Specialists

BlueStream’ s Help Desk services will maximize the value for your company by enabling you to focus on your business, increasing staff productivity, and reducing costs. We have the skills, knowledge, and best practices to manage and resolve more tickets quickly and accurately, based on our expertise and well defined procedures. We offer 1st and 2nd level help desk services – to match your needs .

Information Security

Protect your data, use their intelligence

Most companies do not have the right tools and in-house resources to keep security up to date. Especially as the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, it is easier than ever for hackers to plan an attack. Organizations face increased risk and higher levels of uncertainty.

BlueStream offers vertical solutions and services regarding protection of IT assets, early warning detection & response regarding a cyberattack incident, consistent, on-going evaluation of potential cybersecurity threats, blanket protection of all applications & hardware and remote or onsite support services, customizable to your specific requirements with detailed notifications, reporting, and dashboards.

We are a certified business partner of the top cybersecurity vendors (Checkpoint, Fortinet, ESET, Sophos, McAfee) with vast expertise in large scale enterprise IT security projects. We can help you choose the best solution, tailored specifically for the cyber security threats your organization faces. Our portfolio of information security solutions and services consists of: 

• Perimeter Security – Firewall 

• Vulnerability Management 

• Endpoint Security 

• Microsoft Security Solutions 

• Managed Security 

• Spam Filtering 

• Multi-Factor Authentication 

• Email Protection & Encryption 

• 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) 

• Security Patching 

• Security Policy Creation

IT Governance

Ensure IT investments, generate business value, mitigate IT risks

IT governance refers to a set of IT practices  that ensure compliance and security and align with your business strategies. Businesses today struggle increasingly with IT compliance demands. BlueStream Solutions can be a critical partner to your IT Governance needs. We can help you rethink your current framework, design holistic approaches while maintaining your procedures. 

Before choosing an IT governance model, you must first determine what exactly it is you need from that model. Consider these key aspects when developing your IT governance model: 

  • Identify gaps in your current governance model. 
  • Recognize that governance changes will impact employees - so ask for their input. 
  • Set clear business goals and define your priorities while keeping up-to-date with technology
  • Provide continues monitoring and performance optimization for your solutions. 

BlueStream IT Governance Services will then help you optimize organization: 

Strategy: We will build your operational strategy with cost modeling and in alignment to your company's mission and goals. We will also provide the policies, procedures and processes that with your business. 

Design: Our IT governance design includes service catalog creation, IT governance technology strategy, service modeling and service infrastructure design to ensure that the gaps are secure based on your priority and budget. 

Transition: We will guarantee a continuity in the implementation and training strategies. Additionally, BlueStream offers service evaluation, service reporting, service risk analysis, and preparations for ISO audits 

Operation & Improvement: We help you effectively measure your IT performance and implement changes within your environment.