Modernize for today’s realities and tomorrow’s opportunities

BlueStream can enable your organization to achieve more by offering 24x7 cloud and datacenter services. By delivering state of the art technology, we guarantee services to fit all your needs, from planning and architecting to deploying, ongoing support and change management.

How? We work closely with your teams and we help you benefit from all latest technology breakthroughs, analyze all your business needs and transform them to emerging solutions. This IT Modernization can happen with no disruption to your day to day IT operations as you can rely on our services and team of expert engineers to secure a seamless transition. 

IT modernization can help you:

  • Create new products and services that accomplish customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee’s productivity.
  • Improve customer experience, by using modern technologies such as cloud and automation.
  • Achieve IT systems flexibility. Legacy systems are not flexible, and they limit your full potential.
  • Optimize IT Security. Protect your data by replacing legacy with advanced technologies.

Cloud Migration

Windows Server & SQL Server Migration to the Cloud

Effective cloud migration begins with a series of key decisions. Among them is the step to run Windows Server and SQL Server on Cloud. Why move your on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to the Cloud? The answer is Smarter Security, Cost Optimization, and Agility. For many Windows server and SQL server workloads, Cloud is the most sought-after choice. Users stand to gain smooth hybrid capabilities, smarter security, and cost improvement on Cloud. Benefits of such a migration are:

Cost Reduction: low CAPEX with provision for ongoing OPEX with reduced financial risk in managing your database in Cloud

Advanced Security: cloud’s best-in-class security solutions serve as reassuring security safeguards for businesses with sensitive data

Improved Scalability: with Cloud you can quickly scale up to accommodate traffic spikes, seasonal ebbs, and flows, or a rapidly growing site, app, or service

Application Modernization

Lift and Shift or go Cloud Native

Whether you need to move to cloud a single app or a full portfolio, BlueStream cosulting services can help you create a migration plan in order to take the appropriate decision. Whether it will be rehost – rearchitect – replatform  or retire your application, we can help you by starting with your less complex applications towards the high complex ones. We will guide you on how to build and protect your infrastructure whether you need cloud-native architecture, flexible data stores, or built-in monitoring capabilities. 

Our Web Application Modernization services, support the integration of new functionalities, ιncluding top level security and monitoring, while in the same time ensure lower operational costs and faster time to market.

BlueStream Solutions has proven expertise and a portfolio of services regarding your web portal strategy from web backend or API development to Cloud services and DevOps to automate your deployment. You can rely on us to modernize your web applications using microservices architecture regardless of technology stack (Java, NodeJS, MS .NET) and guide you all the way from prototype development to getting your app live on the cloud.

Workload Migration and Deployment


Weather we need to migrate one small workload, or a collection of workloads, we should always follow a specific process to assess, migrate, optimize, and promote, as this is the recommended cloud-agnostic process to perform a workload migration.

Assess Workloads: Is the workload a good candidate to go to the cloud? During the initial assessment we should check for factors like data security, privacy rules, regulatory compliance or business issues.

Migrate Workloads: Use the assessment date from the previous step to begin migrating your environment. Migrating your environment involves deploying workloads and assets, like infrastructure, apps, and data.

Optimize Workloads: Check for areas of optimization. Review the design of the solution and analyzing costs.

Promote Workloads: Release workloads for ongoing operations.


Workload Optimization

Delivering Business Efficiency

Cloud optimization is extremely important for your organization. It's the process that secures that the correct selection of suitable resources are assigned to a workload or application. When workload performance, compliance, and cost are correctly and continually balanced against the best-fit infrastructure in real time, efficiency is achieved.

Cloud optimization is a deliverable for IT Operations teams, specifically CloudOps or DevOps, depending on the organization, and they are responsible for resource allocation. It requires high skills as the process is often caught between requirements leveled by Finance departments that controls cloud spend, and application owners, who want the optimal resources for their apps regardless of spent.

BlueStream can help you secure optimization not only in IT workloads but also in balancing your Cloud Spent without reducing your cloud performance.

Data Modernization

Taking advantage of one of your most important assets

A clear, precise and well-monitored data center migration can change your organization’s overall operating environment. BlueStream can guide you in applying these changes that will have long-lasting effects on your day-to-day efficiencies and overall business process and procedures.

Increased Efficiency: Are you growing faster than your storage capacity? Consolidation and migration require rigorous planning and process evaluation. When migrating cloud-ready assets from your existing footprint into Azure, we evaluate your systems and requirements, weeding out inefficiencies.

Improved Security: Data centre migration gives you the opportunity to assess your current data centre’s security protocols and procedures. Finding weaknesses and strengths in security protocols is the first step in preventing a breach or break-in.

Cost Savings: Data centres are costly for any business. Maintenance of equipment, personnel, rent, and utility bills are only some of the associated costs.

IT Operations (Management)

Cloud computing is here

Cloud computing is the new normal. But as we move to the cloud in a big way with a mix of cloud configurations (on-premises, private, and third-party cloud services with various tools) managing the resulting complexities have become complicated, especially for your IT teams.

You can’t apply traditional IT operation methods to cloud-based architectures. What you need are standard operating procedures for long-term cloud operations.

This is where BlueStream can support you with an effective CloudOps strategy or, to put it simply, cloud operations management. We can guide you to identify and define the processes and procedures that will help you optimize IT services within your preferred cloud environment.

Desktop Virtualization

The Next Leap Forward in Enterprise Productivity

Virtual Desktop platforms can help you transform how your teams work regardless of location, a necessity in a post-pandemic world. Desktop virtualization is also a critical tool for maintaining business continuity. If disaster strikes, your company can rest assure that all data remains secure and accessible at the cloud, allowing business operations to resume immediately.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD): AVD is a cloud-based application and desktop virtualization tool powered by Azure. Its baked-in security and compliance features, integration with the Microsoft suite of products enterprises have relied on for decades, and cost effectiveness makes it the best virtual desktop solution available. IT support resources can focus on issues on the virtualization servers with little regard to the actual end-user device being used to access the virtual desktop.

Information Security

Protecting Sensitive Information

Information security (sometimes referred to as InfoSec) covers the tools and processes that organizations use to protect information. This includes policy settings that prevent unauthorized people from accessing business or personal information. InfoSec is a growing and evolving field that covers a wide range of fields, from network and infrastructure security to testing and auditing.

Information security protects sensitive information from unauthorized activities, including inspection, modification, recording, and any disruption or destruction. The consequences of security incidents include theft of private information, data tampering, and data deletion. Attacks can disrupt work processes and damage a company’s reputation, and have a tangible cost.

BlueStream can ensure that safety and privacy of critical data such as customer account details, financial data, or intellectual property is always input.