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This document is a cookie declaration of BLUESTREAM SOLUTIONS LTD. Our website,, uses cookies and other related technologies, for convenience all technologies are referred to as "cookies". In the document below we inform you about the use of cookies on our website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small simple file that is sent along with pages of this website and stored by your browser (Opera, Safari, Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) of your computer or another device. The information stored therein may be returned to our servers or to the servers of the relevant third parties during a subsequent visit.


Some cookies ensure that certain parts of the website work properly and that your user preferences remain known. By placing functional cookies, we make it easier for you to visit our website. This way, you do not need to repeatedly enter the same information when visiting our website. We may place these cookies without your consent. These cookies called Technical or Functional cookies.

The used of statistics cookies are for optimize experience our users. With these statistics cookies we get insights in the usage of our website. Marketing/Tracking cookies are cookies or any other form of local storage, used to create user profiles to display advertising or to track the user on this website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.

We ask your permission to place statistics and/or marketing/tracking cookies.


If you visit our website for the first time, then we will show you a pop-up with an explanation about cookies. You have the choice to reject or accept cookies.  As soon as you click on "Save & Exit", you consent to us using the categories of cookies you selected in the pop-up, as described in this Cookie Policy. You can disable the use of cookies via your browser, but please note that our website may no longer work properly.

Enabling/disabling and deleting cookies

You can use your browser to automatically or manually delete cookies. You can also specify that certain cookies may not be placed. For more information about these options, please refer to the instructions in the Help section of your browser. Useful links for more information regarding to manage the cookies:

Please note that our website may not work properly if all cookies are disabled. If you do delete the cookies in your browser, they will be placed again after your consent when you visit our website again.

For information about your rights with respect to personal data, please read the “Data Protection Policy”.

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Last Updated on 22nd December 2022