Who we are

Who we are

Ensuring Your seamless Digital Presence

Established in late 2008, Bluestream Solutions s.S.A. is today a leading, managed, multi-cloud service provider that delivers innovative solutions, round-the-clock operations and support. From consulting to cloud migration and datacenter operational management, we offer high level services that enable you to benefit from all aspects of cloud adoption.

This Cloud-first approach reflects in more than 40 Azure cloud migration projects we have undertaken in the last two years, namely operation and support contracts in strict SLAs, while this year the company was validated with the “Infra & Database Migration Specialization”.

BlueStream Solutions s.S.A. helps transform operations for over a 180 customers in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. We invest in an agile customer first approach, embracing a top-degree vendor certifications with high level expertise. Our customers' loyalty of over 10 years shows our commitment to our customers success. Your success. 

Our Vision

Imagining, Delivering and Supporting

Our vision is to grow as a true multi-cloud service provider, embracing all upcoming cloud technologies and environments and develop in parallel to the constant new world of business. Our scope is to always upskill and empower our teams to deliver and support seamless customer cloud environments that function flawlessly throughout their business usage.

We aim at delivering state of the art services that follow specific frameworks and provide the guidelines that will make their implementation, configuration and support a clear and guided task. We passionately believe that customer satisfaction is our prime goal and we succeed in this by enabling all teams achieve a support-first culture, one that make us function proactively and reactively at the same time. 

Our focus is to keep developing inclusive and diverse teams of people that use their skills and expertise to make a strong paradigm of the company values: mainly excellence – ingenuity – passion about our work.

Why BlueStream

Let us be your Trusted Advisor

  • Customer satisfaction is our prime goal; All our teams have a support-first culture.
  • Our customers loyalty of over 10 years proves our commitment and top quality of our service.
  • Our hands-on Experience is topped by our passion for Continuous technical excellence.
  • We embrace a top-degree vendor certifications approach that reflects our Multi-vendor Support.
  • As Industry Experts we are proud to be working with top companies in Greece, the Balkans & Cyprus.
  • Our solid offering comes with Flexibility, Competitive Pricing, strict SLAs and 24x7 availability